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30 Day DeCluttering Challenge & Printable

I have to admit that as a “blogger” or whatever they want to call it these days, it can be very overwhelming with the about of “stuff” that shows up at my doorstep so I wanted to put together this 30 day decluttering challenge and I want YOU to join me. Many think that it’s pretty darn cool and don’t get me wrong, I feel incredibly grateful to be able to try different products out for all of you and it’s SO much fun BUT it can be overwhelming at times. Once I receive packages I always put them into a few piles: Donation pile to nearby shelters, a box where I put items that my colleagues at work may like, Giveaways & more. After awhile, the “stuff” ends up collecting in spots and before I know it, I feel CONSUMED by it all. Nevermind just daily life where it seems that you are always trying to organize everything. Over the years we have also just collected things that we loved at the time but have not really found a place in our forever home and NOW is the time to do away with it all! 

30 Day DeCluttering Challenge

I love involving you all in what I am currently doing and I knew that July would be the month of decluttering for me. Everywhere I turn, I feel anxious. Clutter is overwhelming to your emotional health and it can clog your brain, leaving you unable to complete daily tasks. Between the overwhelming about of papers, mail, books, clothing & CRAP IN OUR PANTRY (seriously though why does it always pile up in there?) – I am about to lose my mind! Now I know this 30 day declutter challenge is NOT unique but I wanted to create one that made sense for my own life with kids so I put together this one! My friend Ashlyn (who I discovered through Brooke) put this printable together for me – thanks girl!

So let’s get this baby started! You can click directly on the image to open it in another window to print it!


So, your first step will be to print out this checklist page one | page two HERE! We will do this together day by day and each day I will post a before & after image in my Instagram stories! I highly encourage you to show your progress as well in your stories (or on your feed) and TAG me in them! I will be featuring them along the way! Let’s team up together and declutter our homes so that we may relieve some of the underlying anxieties we may have. I guarantee that even if you don’t think your clutter is affecting you, IT IS. As soon as you start to throw things away or donate them, you will feel an immediate relief. 

Reading Suggestions

There are also a few books that I have personally loved when it comes to simplifying your home/decluttering. I am sure many of you have heard of or read Marie Kondo’s book, “The Life Changing Magic of Tidying Up”. This book truly is an eye opener and if I was to recommend just one book about this subject, it would be this one! I have also heard amazing things about “The Little Book of Hygge” which I haven’t read yet! Lastly, “Simply Clean” is an awesome book that talks about using 10 minutes a day to simplify your home! I love that it’s simply to follow and is conscious of the amount of time we have (which is very little)!

If you have any other books or websites that have been helpful to you when it comes to simplifying your home – I would love to hear about them in the comments below!

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  1. Omg i am so grateful for this post. I saw it and was like nah… then i was like well its the first nothing like starting a challenge. So i got up cleaned my makeup area. Decluttered like cRazy!!! Ready for day 2! 🤩🤩

  2. Thanks so much for this. at first i clicked past this on your insta story, then i kept THINKING of all the reasons why my house needs to be decluttered. can’t wait to get started today! thanks again for this, and all you share and put together for your followers. you are truly amazing!

  3. I am starting a couple days late and am committed to completing this. I did start a small area in my house New Years Eve and it felt so good! I have started these in the past but never complete them but 2019 is a new year. Thank you Lynzy for sharing this and lets do this!!!!

  4. Ive been FOLLOWING you awhile now and just found this! Sheesh. Love your posts. Thanks for sharing really helps Us busy working moms and suCH. 🙂

  5. Thanks For sharing! Emily ley is doing a declutteR challenge right now and is a great RESOURCE for simplicity. She has 3 great books as well! @emilyleY