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2020 Best Sellers | Amazon

Here is the roundup of the 2020 best sellers from Amazon from the past year! If you want to see the best sellers outside of Amazon, you can check out my post here! I always love to look back at what you were all in need of the most throughout the year. As always, I do not want you to think you NEED all of these things but rather these may be items that have been on your list for awhile or items that may enrich your life (books)! 

2020 Best Sellers | Amazon

Thermometer | I have spent WAY too much money on crappy thermometers throughout the years. I finally invested in this one when it was on sale and it is absolutely AMAZING. I highly recommend it. It’s a no touch thermometer and GREAT on babies too!

The Danish Way of Parenting | One of the books that has changed my parenting game for the better. I reread my highlighted parts frequently!

Doctor’s Best High Absorption Magnesium | I take 400 mg of magnesium a day for many reasons. Here are just a few: eases constipation (always an issue postpartum), helps with sleep and anxiety, helps with concentration, and much more! I finally found an amazing prenatal/postnatal vitamin that contains 300 mg of magnesium along with high doses of everything else I have always been looking for so I take those now instead! I have them linked in my FTM advice highlight on IG! 

Boat Neck Sweater | This sweater is somehow one size fits all and fits a baby bump all the way through! It’s so comfortable and VERY flattering! 

The Great Realization | This is a wonderful read about the pandemic and how we will fair after it is all over. I love it! 

Pillow | the pillow I have been raving about for years! I love it! 

Freezable Baby Bottle Cooler | This is what I use at work to store my pump parts in between pumping and for my milk!

Rainbow Counting Bears | This was a huge hit when I talked about it in stories! My 3 year old loves sorting by color and counting with them.

Decorative Storage Boxes | These are the boxes I use to store my kids memories!

Nightgown | Nursing and bump friendly nightgown that was a huge hit with you guys this year! 

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