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10 Tips for Working from Home with Kids

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10 tips for working from home with kids!

10 Tips for Working from Home

As many of you already know, I work part-time in the ER as a Physician Assistant and part-time blogging from home. Some days it’s nearly impossible to get anything done with two small kids at home but I have come up with a few tips and tricks along the way. 

10 tips for working from home with kids!

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Become an Early Bird

I was never really the “early bird”. In fact, it used to make me rather cranky… until I had kids. Now, waking up early provides me with just the right amount of solitude to get my day off to the right start. Some days I will get work done (answering emails, getting my blog post up for the day) and other days I will clean up the house from the day before. 

Prioritize What Needs to Get Done First

If you’re like me, you get very easily distracted from the task at hand. I create my to-do list for the day and always prioritize what the most important things are first. These things need to get done right off the bat, before the kids wake up for the day. 

Create a Schedule and Stick With It

I usually create my daily schedule a few minutes after I wake up. This allows me to get the maximum amount of work done throughout the day (before the kids wake, during nap time, once they go to bed). Try not to get distracted by other forms of social media while you are trying to stick to your schedule. 

10 tips for working from home with kids!

Maximize Your time During Naps

I usually have a few tasks jotted down specifically for “nap time”. This can really vary since Ellie is still a wee babe and she is usually either nursing (I type with one hand as she nurses) or napping. 

Find a “Mother’s Helper” in Your Area

We used Care.com to find our current sitter whom we really love. It’s great to find someone that can come over for a few hours here and there so that you can venture on into the other room to get a little bit of work done!

Get Dressed and “Ready” Before Your Kids Wake

I have found that this automatically increases my productivity for the day. I have no idea why, but it totally does. It changes my mindset. If I am in pajamas with uncombed hair and traces of makeup on my face from the day before… NOTHING will get done. It’s just the way it is….

10 tips for working from home with kids!

Make Your Bed

Someone said this to me once and I didn’t believe them until I moved into a home of my own. Making my bed allows me to set the tone for the day. Neat and organized and ready to go. Same with getting ready for the day. 

Always Eat Breakfast

You need nutrition. Feed your brain and your brain will function better. 

Keep Your Working Space Clean and Cleared From Clutter

For me, this is HUGE. I can never get any work done if the space around me is a mess. This is why my house is spotless 85% of the time. I am pretty anal about it and my mind just works better when it’s decluttered. We are actually working on selling a TON of our stuff right now. I am working on de-cluttering our entire home for 2016.

10 tips for working from home with kids!

Find a Drink You Love and Look Forward to Drinking Every Day

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10 tips for working from home with kids!

Do you work from home? What does your routine look like? Do you have any tips to add?

10 tips for working from home with kids!

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  1. Being able to get up early really does help! Though it’s awful to wake up at 6 to get an hour or so in before they woke up and it’s like my daughter could SMELL I was awake lol she’s attached to my hip even at 7 years old. It’s better than both of them up and fighting so things still get done just not as quickly or as much =\

  2. Isn’t if funny how shifting into the “put together” mode — making the bed, dressing, washing up — really sets the mood. Today I felt more exhausted than usual and I thought I’d maaaaaybe take a little nap after dropping the girls with their grandparents before diving in to my writing and then I thought, “No! I would not do this when I worked as a newspaper reporter, I cannot do this as an independent writer!” And once I set my mind to that, I got right to work. It’s such a relief to see the power we all have within ourselves to motivate and get to work even when we don’t feel totally committed. Thanks for the post!