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10 Rainy Day Toys You Need to Have

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We recently had a few wet days around here which encouraged me to write this post on the 10 rainy day toys you need to have in your home! The flip side is that running out in the rain with boots and singing is also another option that is free 😉 and one that we do frequently. The cold winters here in New England make it hard to get outside as often as we’d like so I have become quite creative with indoor activities and finding the best toys for toddlers to use their imagination with inside the home. The weather is warming up now, but that doesn’t mean we won’t have our fair share of rainy days inside too! I compiled this roundup of rainy day toys that we personally love to give you an idea of possible future gifts for others, or for a wish list for your own kids! Enjoy!

Looking for some entertainment for your kids on a rainy day? Here are 10 toys you need for a rainy day for your home!

10 Rainy Day Toys You Need to Have

1.)  Bontoy Friendimal // This ride on toy is ideal for ages 18 months and up and Ellie has been loving it! It was sent to us for this post and I have to say that it’s one of those toys that never gets old. It’s the first one she’s drawn to when she wakes up in the morning and she will get her little purse and hop on.

Looking for some entertainment for your kids on a rainy day? This Bontoy Friendimal push toy is the best!She rides circles around our living room and dining room while her big sister pushes around the shopping cart. The best part about this toy is that the seat is adjustable for up to 5 years. So it’s a toy that will last! The wheels are spin 360 degrees which is also a great feature because it makes steering easy. Read more about it here

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Looking for some entertainment for your kids on a rainy day? This Bontoy Friendimal push toy is the best!

2.) Bug Bingo // Olivia’s new FAVORITE game/toy. This was one of the gifts in her Easter basket and she just loves matching up the bugs! 

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3.) Highlights Magazine // I know, I know. This isn’t really a “toy” but it’s a necessity! Olivia has loved her highlights magazines since she turned about 3 and she is so good at them now! It’s great to collect these and save them for rainy days!

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4.)  Shopping Cart with Grocery Food // We have tested out a few shopping carts and this one is by far the winner. It’s easy to steer and the wheels move 360 degrees. The girls will play with this and the food for hours on end!

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5.) Farmhouse kitchen set // I saved up for this kitchen set and bought it for the girls for Christmas (they also frequently have sales on it!) and it’s a toy that will be used for years and years, not to mention that it can also be passed down to their children! It’s high quality and absolutely beautiful in person. I would highly recommend it. I love the fact that the stove, sink and fridge are all separate because it gives more space for several children to play rather than the kitchens that are just one-piece. If you are looking for a more affordable option, try this!

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6.) Standing Easel // I love that you can paint, draw or use chalk with this easel and it’s very sturdy! When not in use, you can easily fold it flat for storage. 

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7.) Portable Play tent & Ball Pit // Okay. I know. This one is hard on the eyes and takes up a lot of space! BUT, I promise entertainment for hours, so that is totally worth it right?! We have a similar version of this and the girls LOVE it. It’s one of those toys I will leave out for a few weeks and then rotate into the basement and take back out a few weeks later. Kids love toys that they haven’t seen in awhile so we do this with a lot of the bigger toys we have.

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8.) Play-Doh Fun Factory Set // What little kid doesn’t love playing with Play-doh?! This set has been one of our childrens’ favorites and I highly recommend it!

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9.) Use common household items // Have them use their imagination using some of the things from around the house! Have them play with the tupperware, pots and pans from your own kitchen! Make crafts out of paper plates and supplies you find around the house! 

10.) Dance party // I wanted to include some free items on this list too so these last two won’t cost you a thing! Put on Pandora! My favorite station is the KIDZ BOP radio and the girls LOVE it. It’s current pop songs that they alter for kids! You will love dancing with them too!

Looking for some entertainment for your kids on a rainy day? This Bontoy Friendimal push toy is the best!

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