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10 Newborn Moments to Capture Once Your Baby is Here

10 Newborn moments to capture once your baby is finally here!

{Image by our wonderful photographer Lindsey Ocker}

Once your baby is here, the sleep deprivation sets in quickly and it’s sometimes hard to appreciate all the little things that are happening around you. I wanted to create a list of those special moments that you will want to soak up once your baby is finally here. For me, it was easier said than done – but it was certainly a bit easier to do this the second time around. It can all be so overwhelming, but these little moments are what make all that hard work, SO WORTH IT.

  1. Baby Stretches

Hands down one of my favorite things about the newborn stage. Those adorable little stretches that they do when you are just about to change they diaper. The faces they make when they do it. I love it all. I just want to eat them right up. Don’t you?!

Newborn Stretches. The best thing ever. Come check out 9 other things you should be soaking up while your baby is still a newborn!

2. The shape their mouth makes when they sleep. 

Both of my babies made the same little shape with their mouth when they were sleeping. I just love how peaceful they look. Take a few moments out every day to just hold them and watch them sleep. They will be 4 years old before you know it….

3. The way they still suckle when they aren’t eating anymore.

The way their little mouth keeps moving when when they aren’t eating anymore. 

4. The milk drunk face.

The face they make when they are completely fed and satisfied. They have milk dripping down their chin without a care in the world… 

5. Their first smile. 

This one makes those first few weeks worth every tear that you may have shed. The interaction that you’ve been longing for. 

6. Those rolls.

The chubbier the better in my opinion. Our second baby is 99th percentile every time we bring her in and I leave with a big smile ear to ear. I love chunk and I love those rolls. I just took a few pictures of her the other day and I swear it looked like she had 5 rubber bands all the way up both of her arms 🙂 

7. The way they can fall asleep on you at any moment

This doesn’t last forever (unfortunately) and it’s something that I forgot to soak up with our first baby. Everything else can wait. The laundry, making dinner, even a shower. Because what is better than cuddling your little 2 week old while he/she sleeps?

Nothing 🙂

8. Their little dimple bums

Those little bums with all those dimples. It only gets better as they get a bit older too. So darn cute.

9. When they find their voice

I remember when our 4 month old, Ellie started coo’ing and it’s so amazing to see them trying to communicate with the rest of the world. They can understand you, so make sure to take to them often 🙂 

10. The way they grasp for your finger

This reflex is my favorite and I love that they love to sleep while holding on to you. 


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