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10 Must-Have Farmhouse Products to Buy at IKEA

Bookmark this! 10 of the best farmhouse products for your home from IKEA

10 Must-Have Farmhouse Products to Buy at IKEA

As you know, we are in the midst of transforming our home into the farmhouse we’ve always wanted (or that I have always wanted – HA!) You can take a peek into our kitchen, bathroom, bedroom & dining room to see what we have transformed so far! This buffet table was our latest transformation!

After a pretty successful trip to IKEA yesterday, I wanted to share some of my favorite must-have farmhouse products that they are currently selling. I don’t own all of these (YET), but they are all on my wish list! For a peek at what was in my cart yesterday, you can head over to my snap chat –> lynzy_coughlin 😉
Bookmark this! 10 Must-Have Farmhouse Products to Buy at IKEA

RANARP Pendant Light // $29.99 // Image via House Seven

10 Must-Have Farmhouse Products to Buy at IKEA

Butcher Block Counter tops // $139.00  // Image via Farmhouse 5540Best things to buy at IKEA including this Kristaller Chandelier KRISTALLER Chandelier // $39.99 // Chandelier image via IKEA & Nursery image via Project Nursery

Best items to buy from IKEA featuring the sheepskin rug

TEJN Faux Sheepskin // $12.99 // RENS Sheepskin // $29.99 // Image via Paige Kudsen

10 Must-Have Farmhouse Products to Buy at IKEA

SINNERLIG Pitcher // $11.99 // Images via IKEA

Best items to buy from IKEA featuring a farmhouse sink

DOMSJÖ Farmhouse Sink // $312.98 // Image via Alvhem

10 Must-Have Farmhouse Products to Buy at IKEA

EKTORP Couch // $599.00 // Image va City Farmhouse

10 Must-Have Farmhouse Products to Buy at IKEA

IKEA Wall Shelf // $14.99 // Image by Joe Gomez from Design*Sponge

 Best products to buy at IKEA featuring the pitcher

GRÄDDAD Pitcher // $9.99 // SOCKERÄRT Vase // $19.99 // Image via The Art of Doing Stuff

Best Products to get at IKEA featuring an adorable pot

KASTRULL Pot with Lid // $24.99 // Image via IKEA



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  1. I have a serious Ikea problem!! We don’t get often so when we do are there for hours!! I love all the kitchen stuff on this list, their stuff is so stylish and practical too!

  2. HI Lynzy, you have a beautiful blog. I love all the Ikea products that you featured in this post. I have to say, I’m completely swooning over that chandelier. It’s such a great price. I have the sheepskin that you featured and it looks so adorable in my daughters’ shared room.

  3. This is such a fantastic post because (1) I love the farmhouse style and (2) I am slightly obsessed with IKEA. It is like a treat and a curse at the same time–my poor wallet. Would love to get a furry rug like the one you include, as well as the light fixtures. We aren’t making any improvements until we move next Fall, however.

  4. The more I watch HGTV the more I grow into this Farm House look. It has this clean and yet rustic feel to it and I love that it reminds me of my home in the south. I might have to make a trip to IKEA to see what items I can find for my house.

  5. I love love love butcher block counter tops. The house I grew up in had a huge butcher block island and I wish so much that I had one in my house. It is at the top of my list if I ever move! The rug is awesome too!

  6. Ever since I moved here to Belgium and set up my new apartment, I fell in love with IKEA! Haha. My current place now has wooden stuff so I’ll definitely be checking some of these items since they could be things I could use for my pad too.

  7. I love this so much! Thank you for the great tips! I am new wife with a passion to help other girls like me thrive in their womanhood the Bible way, and I belive creating a beautiful home is a big part of that! Thank you again for your very practical post!

  8. OK…now I have to go visit IKEA! One was just built about 5 miles from my home and I pass it twice a day. I thought it was all modern things but now the secret is out! I’m sure my hubby will hate this new find. LOL!