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10 Montessori Inspired 1st Birthday Gift Ideas

A round up of some of our favorite Montessori inspired 1st birthday gift ideas are included in today’s post. I have become more and more aware and strict about what comes into our home. With 4 kids, the toys can get out of control quickly and I want to keep them at a minimum which helps them to use their imaginations. I most recently donated all of their battery powered toys (most of them, not all) and focus on board games, puzzles and toys that expand their imagination. These toys below are ones that encourage them to do just that along with explore what their bodies can do. 

10 Montessori Inspired 1st Birthday Gift Ideas

Wooden Walker || a wooden walker is a classic gift that allows your little munchkin to get moving! Our larger kids tend to steal it now and again too 😉

Scoot Around Bike || a great way to introduce them to their first bike
First Building Blocks || I love the sturdiness of these and the classic primary colors
Montessori Rainbow + Ring Stacker || My kids have LOVED their rainbow stacker and frequently use it with their wooden people and other wooden items we have to build houses
Climbing Arch || There are so many different ways that they can use and play with this as they grow!
Hape Pound & Tap Bench || classic way to make sounds
Slide in white || Excellent quality brand and a bit more of an investment but resale value is there!
Pull Toy with Sound || Pull toys are great in this age range and continue all the way through to my almost 4 year old who loves them too!
Stacking Garden Friends || I love this brand for pretty much everything. They have beautiful wooden play sets
Personalized Name Puzzle || A unique gift that you can personalize and it will keep them busy!

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