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10 Chic & Affordable Playroom Rugs

Looking for a chic and affordable playroom rug? Here is a great roundup of some of the best ones around!

1.) Boho Diamond Shag –> currently on sale with 30% off! 

2.) Aztec Fleece Area Rug –> we have this rug and it’s super thick and SO cozy underneath your feet! If you are looking for a rug with some cushion underneath, this is it! Plus, it’s also ON SALE!

3.) Multi-Colored Belini Rug –> This is the rug we used to have in the playroom (before our dog ruined it) and I loved it so much. The great thing about it is that it’s multi-colored and playdoh, markers, crayons and everything else matches right in with it! It’s perfect! 

4.) Vintage Silver Rug –> Great for hiding those stains and I love the print!

5.) Hand Woven Tribal Rug –> I love the detail of this one and if you want a neutral colored playroom, this rug is perfect! Less than $200 for the 8 x 10!

6.) Ivory Chios Rug –> This rug is also comfy and cozy like the one above! It’s great under the feet and neutral for the playroom too!

7.) Vintage Persian Medallion Pink Rug –> This one looks gorgeous in a playroom. I ordered this one for our new rug and I am excited for it to come in to see how it looks!

8.) Grey Moroccan Rug –> Plush under the feet and a great color to hide stains!

9.) Vintage Floral Grey Rug –> Love the simplicity of the colors here and it would hide dirt stains well too!

10.) Classic Black & White Striped –-> Would be so cute with a black & white themed playroom!


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  1. I found your blog via Veronika’s Blushing. I’ve been looking for a new lighter rug for my living room. I have a white German Shedder and my dark rug is showing ALL of his hair right now. I think one of the silver ones will work perfectly!