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10 Best Snacks for a Road Trip

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10 Best Snacks for a Road Trip // Staying Healthy even When your on the Road!

We have a few trips planned in August and upcoming in the fall as well! I am hosting an event (alonside my girl, Lauren) with Raymour & Flanigan (RSVP here) next week and we have a trip planned to Charleston at the end of the month as well! 

10 Best Snacks for a Road Trip // Staying Healthy even When your on the Road!

With all the traveling coming up, I always try to have some healthy snacks on hand for both myself and the kids. It’s easy to start eating unhealthy when you are traveling and STARVING, but planning ahead of time is key! I wanted to put together a list of some of my favorite snacks that I have found in CVS. CVS has always been our one stop shop for pretty much everything and I love the ExtraCare rewards program ($$$!). A lot of these snacks I have chosen are from the CVS Gold Emblem Abound line. This is a line of wholesome snacks for you and your family! The rest of them are from the Gold Emblem line!

10 Best Snacks for a Road Trip // Staying Healthy even When your on the Road!

1.) Rice Pop Clusters // These are delicious AND gluten free!

2.) CVS Gold Emblem Dark Chocolate Covered Almonds // Great for when you have a little sweet tooth!

3.) Gold Emblem Abound Strawberry and Watermelon Sea Creature Fruit Bites // Liv’s favorite!

4.) CVS Gold Emblem Abound Sweet & Nutty Probiotic Trail Mix // I have always loved a great trail mix. I love that this is a “probiotic” trail mix!

5.) CVS Gold Emblem Abound Omega-3 Trail Mix

6.) CVS Gold Emblem Pistachio Delights

7.) CVS Gold Emblem Banana Chips // These are Liv’s favorite! Plus, they are a heck of a lot better than regular potato chips! 

8.) Gold Emblem Abound Cranberry Orange Almond Crunch

9.) CVS Gold Emblem Abound Strawberry & Banana Fruit Twists

10.) Gold Emblem Abound Strawberry Crisps // I love these dried out fruits. Perfect snack for adults AND kids!

10 Best Snacks for a Road Trip // Staying Healthy even When your on the Road!

What snacks do you stash away when you travel? Or even when your out for the day with your kids?!

I also wanted to touch a little bit on the CVS ExtraCare Rewards Program that I mentioned earlier in this post. I cannot tell you have much money I have gotten back with ExtraCare Rewards. I will spend about $40 and sometimes get a $5 reward back. Not to mention tons of other coupons as well! You can also earn money just by filling your prescriptions there. This is a no-brainer since you would be filling them anyways! To read more about how it works head here and opt-in over here

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