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10 Amazon Fashion Finds You Will Love

Amazon, the retailer that is always making our gifting process a bit easier and our wardrobes a lot happier ๐Ÿ™‚ Rounding up some of my favorite Amazon fashion finds for December here! The puffer coat I showed you last week in my stories is also linked at the bottom! 


10 Amazon Fashion Finds You Will Love

1.Mid Calf Winter Snow Boots | These are the $40 boots I keep showing you in my stories! I even have them on today as I work in the coffee shop! They are excellent quality for the price, have faux fur lining all the way through to the toes, and come in a ton of color options!

2. Waffle Knit Tunic | That button front thermal that everyone loves but at a more affordable price. I definitely prefer the UO quality better but this is a great more affordable option!

3. Livingston Winter Soft Knitted Beanie | Who doesn’t love a cute beanie for winter?!

4. Long Sleeve Soft Chunky Knit Sweater | Loving the length of this cardigan!

5. Daily Ritual Jersey Long-Sleeve V-Neck T-Shirt | These t-shirts are AMAZING. I have them in black, white and red! I love the fabric and they are so comfortable. 

6. 90 Degree By Reflex High Waist Fleece Lined Leggings | Also wearing these today! I will show them to you in my stories! They are HIGH WAIST (!!) and pretty darn compressive which I LOVE. Best fleece leggings I have found to date! Excellent price too!

7. 5 Pairs Soft Socks | Great socks to wear with boots and for $13 you get all 5 colors and they’re all neutral! 

8. Floral Lace Bralette | A great copycat version of those Free People bralettes that you all love so much! One of you told me about these and you love them!

9. Long Puffer Hooded Down Vest | This is just so darn cute. Loving the length and I think it would look great with a big turtleneck tunic and some boots!

10. Large Soft Scarf | This scarf is amazing quality for the price and would be a great gift for someone else! 

For those who loved that red lightweight puffer I had on last week, I am linking it below! It comes in a ton of colors and I LOVE it. It also has a hood which is great for snow/rain! For less than $50, this jacket is a STEAL. Also a great gift idea! 

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