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I aim to provide unbiased editorials. However, I wish to disclose that (i) I sometimes receive free products from marketers that we sometimes review or discuss in our editorials, and (ii) I may run advertisements on my site concerning some of those products or companies that sell them (and other products sold by such companies) for which we sometimes receive compensation.


The privacy of those who visit our web site is of primary concern to Lynzy & Co. We automatically gather some data from everyone who visits our site. None of this information is shared with outside parties other than our sponsors and or affiliates.


Unless otherwise specified, all content, ideas, and images on this site were created by Lynzy & Co. All designed posts are created solely for Lynzy & Co. Please do not use any original copy from as your own. We do our absolute best to link back to photographs found from other sources, both via click-throughs and image credit listings. Feel free to use images from this site, but please link back to this blog as your source. If we have posted your photo or work and it is improperly credited, please e-mail us (email below) and we’ll be more than happy to correct it and/or remove it. As for Lynzy & Co posts and/or images from this site, feel free to pin or re-blog that image, but please link back to that specific post on Lynzy & Co as the source.

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