The Best Double Strollers on the Market

The Best Double Stroller Options // A few moms tell us why they love their double stroller!

When we were pregnant with #2, I drove myself crazy trying to find a double stroller that would be a perfect fit for our family. We ended up with the baby jogger select which I love because the seats are one in front of the other, making it easy to get in and out of doors! There are also a ton of configurations for the seats which I love! We also have the double BOB because my husband and I run frequently. I swear it’s the best stroller ever, the only problem is that it’s so wide it’s hard to fit through doors so we needed the other stroller as well. It’s also SUPER heavy and hard to lift into my SUV’s trunk but I manage πŸ˜‰ 

I polled some moms in our Facebook group and they told me what their favorite double strollers were and why. I figured this would be a great post for others that were also shopping for a double stroller! 

If you have Amazon Prime (a must have for MAMAS), these will all ship free! πŸ™‚

Joovy Scooter Double Stroller

” I didn’t want to spend a small fortune so we went with the Joovy double. 
We love it. The storage is huge! And it is narrow enough to pretty much go wherever. My boys also love being side by side.”

Bumbleride Indie Twin 

” I’m a Bumbleride ambassador, but I loved them before I became one  their Indie Twin is the BOMB. It feels solid and safe. I can’t say enough good things!”

Baby Jogger City Select

” I love having one stroller in my car that can be a single or a double depending on the girls’ moods”

” So many different ways to position them in it! Can be used as a single or double. Has great optional attachments too (belly bars, trays, scooter board for toddlers). Works with many different car seat brands to use as a travel system! Very durable and folds easily. It is great both indoors and outdoors.”

“City select! I love that we could buy it for our first and use it as a single then just buy another chair when our second came along. And when I only have 1 (a rarity) or my toddler wants to walk, I can make it a single again and not have the extra chair. AND I can put on a kick board too! It’s just the best.”

Joovy Sit & Stand Stroller 

“We have a Joovy caboose (sit and stand) and a double BOB (revolution SE). Joovy is fine, gets the job done, but the BOB is amazing!”

“We have the Joovy Caboose Sit and Stand. Love it!!!! I have a 3 and almost 2 year old. The younger one sits in the front and his older sister will either sit or stand in the back. Let her come in and out as much as she wants. There is also a buckle back there for her. It collapses easily and it does not weigh a lot. We LOVE it!!!!”

Baby Jogger City Mini GT

“City mini gt double! Prefer the side by side for most uses, except going to a store. They are so much easier to push. I love the easy fold of the baby jogger strollers and this double is super easy to push one handed. It has a near flat recline so I was able to put a newborn in the seat from day one!”

“Baby jogger city mini gt! I’ve tried a few and the in line ones feel too big for me and don’t even think about trying to push those up a hill”

“I loooove my city mini double gt. It easily fits through single doors, folds easily and is a dream to push (we live on a HUGE hill & walk a lot). My boys are big and they both fit comfortably and hopefully will continue to fit for a while. I used it from day one with my second without the car seat because it reclines flat. I also love the big, spf sun hoods. The only drawbacks to me are that the basket underneath can be tough to get things in/out of and all of the accessories (belly bar, snack trays, etc.) are separate.”

UPPAbaby 2015 Vista Stroller

“We have the Uppababy Vista 2015, (babies r just 2 and 5 months) I love how it extends for tall parents and the basket underneath is giant!!! I can rearrange the seats and also use a bassinet. Dislikes are that it’s heavy and huge folded. It takes up the entire trunk space in my explorer. Other than that it is an amazing stroller that pushes with ease and has so many amazing features like extended sun canopy and add ons. I would say this is a top stroller for everyday use in a city”

Double BOB Stroller

“My double BOB has been worth every. I really recommend it for those who like to get out and run and take their kids along! Otherwise it’s probably not necessary. We also live near the beach and have found it wonderful to use to load one child and a bunch of “things” and pull it onto the beach”

“Double bob! So durable and comfy for kids, wheels are amazing to get through anything, easy to collapse for long trips (wheels come off so it’s not as bulky when traveling) and super slick ride to maneuver” 

Mountain Buggy Duet

“I love my mountain buggy duet- because it’s narrow enough to fit through a normal doorway!! Rides easy and is easy to fold up and get out on my own. The narrow width may be a negative for those with chunky babes, but for my long and lean boys it’s great!”

I would love to know if you have one of these strollers and how you like it! Or should I add one that’s not here? Leave a comment or email me!

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