Q&A Vol. 1

I thought it would be fun to make a new series of the questions that I receive in the forms of messages, emails, etc. Feel free to shoot me questions anytime and I will compile them here twice a month for everyone to view and read!

 (Image by Victoria Gloria)

Question 1: What hair products do you use on Olivia?

I don’t use anything really! All she has is this shampoo, detangler and brush! I make sure to brush her hair morning and night or else it’s a tangled mess!

Question 2: Do you reach out to brands?

Occasionally! If there is a specific project I am working on I will reach out. Specifically birthday parties, home renovations, specific trips and events that I may want to partner up with brands for, etc.

Question 3: For how long have you been blogging and do you have any tips?

I have been blogging since 2008. I have changed my blog name three times and I finally feel like this one will stick! The only tips I can offer is to make sure that you have something unique to your voice and brand. What will you offer that is different than anyone else? Sometimes it’s good to be as specific as possible in your niche to define your brand from others’. And lastly, don’t ever compare your brand to someone elses’. You have different goals and consuming yourself with someone else can be detrimental to your mental health and the growing of your own brand.

Question 4: What apps do you use to edit your photos?

I will dive much more into this in my Photography 101, VOL II post but I mostly edit with VSCO!

Question 5: What brand of sound machines do you use for your girls?

I have this sound machine here for both of them and honestly, I love it. One of them has lasted 3.5 years and it’s definitely loud enough!

Question 6: What has been your proudest moment as a mother?

Oh wow. This is a really tough one and I definitely can’t say that there’s only been one moment. I feel extremely proud every time Olivia is polite without me asking, how inviting and loving she is towards others, and overall, I am just proud of watching them turn into two very kind, loving people! 🙂

Question 7: How do you edit your IG pics? What do you do? Can you share?

 I edit with VSCO and I don’t ever edit the same.  I wish I could be more helpful but each image needs different editing because of white balance, exposure, etc!

Question 8: Do you collaborate with brands often? How does that work? How do you choose which brands you will collaborate with?

I work with brands directly and I also work with brands through networks. The networks will reach out to me with specific campaigns with brands and I will see whether the brand is a good fit for mine or not. At times I will reach out to specific brands I want to work with and there are a few that I have worked with for years now that will come back around and work with me directly on certain campaigns!

Question 9: What oils do you diffuse for colds?

Thieves mixed with orange (love the smell) and occasionally RC. If you are pregnant or have children, pick up this book! It’s extremely helpful on what is safe to diffuse/use 🙂 

Question 10: I have such a hard time parting with clothes/toys/etc. Do you only keep limited things of your girls? What’s a good rule of thumb?

I am constantly rotating toys and donating/selling them. If there is a specific toy that our eldest liked though, I will keep it for our youngest. Toys are not really sentimental to me at all. I have two keepsake boxes, one for each girl and I keep projects that they make together, certain cards and letters that we write to them 🙂 

As far as clothing, I kept it all! I feel like we will have a house full of girls so I am not ready to part with any of it just yet 😉 


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