How to Keep the House Clean with Pets

This is a sponsored post written by me on behalf of Skout’s Honor for IZEA. All opinions are 100% mine.
I’ve actually never lived without pets (except for in college) so I have always been used to those extra tumbleweeds of fur flying around and the muddy little feet that would get on the floors! When I moved into my condo at age 23, I adopted a rescue kitty and that’s when my love for animals occurred for the second time. Growing up we owned two German Shepherd and one cat (and eventually another German Shepherd). I loved growing up with animals and there is nothing better than the love between your children and the love of an animal. Their bond is indescribable and to be able to hug your pup at the end of a bad day makes all the difference in the world!
How to Keep the House Somewhat Clean with Pets
Life started out with Tweezers (our first adopted kitty) and then quickly grew to another adopted kitty as a companion for our first. My husband was a bit worried that he was marrying a “cat lady” but hey, you take the good with the bad, right? 😉 Just this past year, we added a German Shepherd puppy to the mix (as if life wasn’t crazy enough) and now our house is full of dirt and hair!
How to Keep the House Somewhat Clean with Pets
First step to a cleaner home is the Dyson V6 Vacuum Cleaner! This thing has saved my life. We also have a heavy duty plug-in vacuum but it weighs so much that I dread dragging it out of the closet! The dyson stays plugged in our wall in the laundry room and whenever I need it, I just grab it and go! It doesn’t need to be plugged in and it’s super lightweight! It does a great job at picking up hair, food, etc and comes with several head attachments. It will be your best friend, I promise!
How to Keep the House Somewhat Clean with Pets
How to Keep the House Somewhat Clean with Pets

Next, Skout’s Honor products!These products are based out of a start-up in California that is eco-conscious and non-toxic. Truly, I hadn’t heard of them before I was just introduced to the line and I was so impressed when everything arrived at our door! Having two cats and a dog makes for a very messy (and smelly) house at times. Finding the perfect non-toxic product for our home has been difficult but these knocked it out of the park! They have products to try specifically for cats and dogs and our favorites are the litter box odor eliminator and the stain and odor eliminator! The stain and odor eliminator is great for picking up mud tracked in from outside, puppy accidents, and more! It has a very light, refreshing scent to it! Best part of their mission is that they donate a day of food to a doggy in need with every purchase!

where to buy –> for the cat owners!

where to buy –> for the dog owners!

How to Keep the House Somewhat Clean with Pets

Lastly, every once in awhile, just let go. This is the hardest for me because I am constantly cleaning and thinking the house needs to be spic and span every minute of the day! Truth is, with kids AND pets, that is nearly impossible and the sooner you figure that out, the better off you are 😉

But remember this, a full house is a happy one!

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