Holiday Gift Guide: 0-12 Months

Holiday Gift Guide for 0-12 Months Old // Christmas Gifts for Baby

The second post in our holiday gift guide series is live! This one is always a favorite of mine because shopping for babies is so much fun. I could most likely make 5 more for this age group because I want to include EVERYTHING. A lot of these items are ones that we have used SO much and highly recommend. Others were given as recommendations by other mamas! πŸ™‚ 

Happy Shopping! 

1.) Stuffed Reindeer // I just had to scoop this up the other day. So cute for the holidays!

2.) Baby Play Pad // We have this and carried it with us everywhere when the babies were stationary! It was great to be able to give them a place to play.

3.) Dish Set Toy // Best toy combination ever. They love hitting the pans!

4.) Stacking Toy by Sarah & Hendrix Kids // We have this ad love it! A great quality stacking toy and I love supporting smaller shops so this one is the one I recommend!

5.) Walker Push/Pull Toy // Every baby needs a walking toy! πŸ™‚ 

6.) Personalized Wooden State Rattle // Highly recommended by another mama and I actually had one of these for Olivia was she was a baby. Great for teething too!

7.) Wooden Keepsake Blocks // I LOVE these for monthly pictures! I wish I saw them when they were smaller!

8.) Organic Baby Paper  // Babies LOVE this stuff. I swear by it. 

9.) Sit Me Up Seat // Best thing I ever purchased for Ellie. I brought it everywhere so that she could sit up with us and play and / or eat!

10.) Baby’s First Year Book // Perfect gift for a mama πŸ™‚ 

11.) Noggin’ Stick // Another gift that we have had throughout all 3 years and LOVE. It has gotten so much use that it actually broke twice and we got a new one each time.

12.) Little Lamb Mobile // The prettiest little mobile in all the land πŸ™‚ 




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